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Everything You Need to Know 


The simplest way to follow FMN's investment recommendations for your 403(b) portfolio is to invest 100% of your 403(b) plan into a LifeSpan Target Fund that is developed for people in your age bracket. These funds are actually a collection of Mutual Funds, Bond Funds, and fixed interest accounts that represent a diverse portfolio hand picked by FMN for Wycliffe members (only applicable to the 403(b) plan). These funds are evaluated and adjusted periodically by FMN to account for changes in the markets and your changing risk factors as you approach retirement. You can get more information on each LifeSpan model below. If you have investments outside of your Lincoln Alliance 403(b), you can also use the charts in your LifeSpan model as a guide for your overall portfolio allocation.


  • Combines a fixed interest account with a diverse portfolio of mutual funds.

  • Allows greater diversity than was practical using individual funds.

  • Maintains suggested allocations regardless of market fluctuations.

  • Automatically adjusts to become more conservative as you approach retirement.

Stable Value Fund

Click on any of the links below for more info:

LifeSpan Target 2053 – "Born 1983 or later"

LifeSpan Target 2048 – “Born 1978 – 1982"

LifeSpan Target 2043 – “Born 1973 – 1977”

LifeSpan Target 2038 – “Born 1968 – 1972”

LifeSpan Target 2033 – “Born 1963 – 1967”

LifeSpan Target 2028 – “Born 1958 – 1962”

LifeSpan Target 2023 – “Born 1953 – 1957”

LifeSpan Target 2018 – “Born 1941 – 1953”

LifeSpan Age 70+ – “Born prior to 1940"

Asset allocation and diversification do not guarantee a profit nor do these strategies protect against a loss, including the loss of principal.