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Wycliffe Members & Staff

This site is dedicated to providing you with information relating to your savings and retirement plans offered through Wycliffe. 

Simply navigate the links in the menu bar to get more information and answers to your "How Do I ...?" questions.

Financial Management Network (FMN) has a dedicated service and financial planning team ready to serve you. If you'd like advice regarding your financial planning, simply click on the Contact tab in the menu bar or the button below, where you can fill in a brief questionnaire that goes directly to an FMN advisor familiar with your plans.

There is no charge to ask questions or seek our advice. As a member or employee of Wycliffe, we know your situation is unique. For this reason, we feel you're best served getting advice by advisors intimate with the complexities of being a missionary.

Learn about

Lincoln 403(B)

This is the retirement plan used for all contributions from payroll deductions. It is the only account you can fund directly from your WBT paycheck, and the only way to make contributions is directly from your paycheck. Lincoln Alliance is the plan provider from which you receive your quarterly account statements.

Lifespan Funds

The simplest way to follow FMN's investment recommendations for your 403(b) portfolio is to invest 100% of your 403(b) plan into a LifeSpan Target Fund that is developed for people in your age bracket. These funds are actually a collection of Mutual Funds, Bond Funds, and fixed interest accounts that represent a diverse portfolio hand picked by FMN for Wycliffe members (only applicable to the 403(b) plan).

Lincoln Annuity

Lincoln National offers WBT members the ability to save in a "non-qualified tax deferred annuity". This jargon is used to describe the rules the IRS puts on taxation and withdrawals in this account. This is a variable annuity with a fixed interest rate option. This means they pay a fixed interest rate that is credited quarterly and allow you to invest in various mutual funds or "sub-accounts" for stock market exposure.

American Funds

Several years ago Wycliffe wanted to give members and staff the ability to save in retirement plans even while overseas. The challenge at that time was that the law didn't have any available retirement plans for missionaries who were claiming the the Foreign Earned Income (FEI) Exclusion. Thus, they contacted American Funds to allow for WBT members to save in a brokerage account (non-qualified).